Since we closed our office for safety reasons March through June 2020, the world has changed – and so must we. Some things will remain the same:
• We will continue to involve you in your personal treatment plan.
• We will continue to give you state of the art dentistry with the promise of always seeking the best new products and procedures.
• Finally, we will continue to provide virtually painless dentistry.

Having stated these things, here are changes that will stay in effect for the near future:
1. We have re-opened the reception area as of January 2022, but ask that you remain socially distanced from other patients if concerned about COVID.
2. Beginning April 2023, face masks will be optional for patients, visitors and workers not performing clinical procedures in dental offices and other health care settings in California per new guidance from the state Department of Public Health. We have missed giving and receiving smiles!
3. Once seated in your treatment room, you will be given a rinse of Oracare, which is the only proven anti-viral mouth rinse, to swish for one minute.
4. We have restructured our systems so that your next appointment and your payment can be handled via text or online to minimize contact.